Fall Season might cause a change in your CPAP therapy

Changing Seasons means changing CPAP performance

Sadly, summer has come to an end in BC, and with that comes changes in weather that can actually affect one’s comfort on their CPAP therapy. With the decrease in temperature and the increase of humidity in the air, some CPAP users may find moisture in their masks or droplets of water in the tubing.

This is due to the fact that hot air actually holds more water than cold air. Think Miami VS. Vancouver.

How to fix that “Rain Out” in your tubing

To combat this seasonal issue, changing your humidity setting or and/or heated tubing can help. The warmer the humidifier air and the colder the tube, the more condensation is formed. The higher the humidifier setting, the more moisture is added to the air.  Your Snore MD sleep clinic can help you through this setting change.

Heated tubing also helps this by controlling the temperature of the air throughout the tube all the way to the CPAP mask. Snore MD CPAP machines have this feature.

If you do not have this type of tubing, turning down your humidification during the colder weather will help eliminate moisture in the tube. If this continues to be an issue, try and place the CPAP machine on the floor (hard surface) so moisture will collect at the bottom of the tube rather than at the mask.

Placing your tubing under your blankets on those cold nights may also be beneficial as your body temperature and warmth can help keep the water droplets where they belong.

Not sure you have a heated tube? Want to optimize your CPAP therapy? Snore MD has the latest and most advanced CPAP tubing and therapy accessories to ensure your best sleep ever!

With the change in season, now is the time to check your CPAP filters as well. Stop into your friendly Snore MD location to make sure your therapy is working it’s best!

About the author:

Michael Davis is Snore MD's Director of Optimal Patient Care and community awareness. Driven by a passion for quality of everyday life, Michael became a Respiratory Therapist in 2009 with the goal of helping Canadians sleep better. With experience in critical care medicine, sleep medicine and pulmonary disorders, Michael leads a team of 15 skilled Sleep Clinicians and Respiratory Therapists to help thousands of British Columbians Sleep Better - Live Better.

Fall Season might cause a change in your CPAP therapy