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How It All Works

Snore MD can deliver the restful sleep and daytime energy you’ll love.
Be healthier, happier and more energized in 4 easy steps….

How It All Works

Snore MD can deliver the restful sleep and daytime energy you’ll love.
Be healthier, happier and more energized in 4 easy steps….

Tired of Feeling Tired?

Now is the time to solve your sleep issues, including snoring, sleep apnea, and restless sleep.

How It All Works

Get A Free Check-Up While You Sleep!

We’ll do your initial in-clinic consult plus sleep screening to identify your current health risks. It’s all complimentary and involves asking questions about your sleep as well as educating you on all things sleep and sleep apnea. We will then communicate with your doctor to arrange a consultation and requisition for a free home sleep test. After that, we’ll send you home with a simple device which measures important data while you sleep and provides a wealth of technical info that helps us establish your successful treatment path. Don’t have a family doctor? No problem! Ask us how to get connected with a physician at no charge over the phone or via video call.

Make A Game Plan For Your Health!

After the results of your sleep test are reviewed and interpreted by a physician, the Snore MD team will compile a comprehensive report and send it to your healthcare provider who can discuss your results in detail with you. We’ll cover the options, as well as the products that will fit your needs specifically. We’ll also sort out your insurance coverage for you, which is usually 80% or more, plus we’ll explain our exclusive offers that can save you even more. This can all be done in-clinic or from the comfort of your own home.

Warm Up To The Benefits Of CPAP!

We set you up and get you comfortable using CPAP therapy in the comfort of your home. Most patients feel a dramatic improvement in daytime energy after using the CPAP for only a few nights. We connect with you regularly to assist and support your success on CPAP. Our Dream Team expertly adjusts and monitors your brand new CPAP equipment, getting you your best sleep ever, in just a few short weeks… You’ll feel the incredible results of a great sleep before you purchase anything!

Your Healthier And More Energized Life Starts Now!

You’ll be sleeping like a baby knowing Snore MD’s legendary Care For Life support has you covered no matter what. We do whatever it takes to ensure your long term success, including remotely monitoring your progress and contacting you when necessary to ensure you get the best sleep possible every single night. You’re part of the best family in sleep, from exclusive promotions and the ACCUFIT precision mask fit technology exclusively available at Snore MD, we have you covered for life!
Your healthier, more energized life starts now!

Snore MD Premium Care

Canadians trust their sleep to Snore MD.

Unlimited Expert Care & Support, In-clinic or Virtual
Remote Monitoring & Follow Up Care Calls to Ensure Success
Free Unlimited Purified & Distilled Water
Lifetime Mask & CPAP Trade-in Savings + Rebate Offers
You're Healthier & More Energized Life, Guaranteed!
12 Easy, Interest Free Payments Option

Whether you have questions or want to jump straight into a home sleep test, our Snore MD sleep apnea clinics are ready to help solve sleep issues with our care for life commitment.