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Welcome to Our Walnut Grove Sleep Clinic

If you’re experiencing restless nights followed by days spent with your head in a fog, and you’re tired of feeling so tired all the time, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. The sleep professionals at our Walnut Grove Sleep Clinic can help, simply visit us in The Village At Thunderbird Centre, to the left of IGA.

The Village at Thunderbird Centre

(Near IGA)
C105 - 20159 88th Ave
Langley BC
V1M 0A4
Clinic Hours Mon: 9am - 5pm
Tue: 9am - 5pm
Wed: 9am - 5pm
Thu: 9am - 5pm
Fri: 9am - 5pm
Sat: 9am - 4pm
Sun & Holidays Closed

The Sleep Team In Walnut Grove

Our sleep clinic team is comprised of key medical professionals eager to help you sleep better at night. Our Medical Doctor, Registered Nurses, and clinical coordinator are all highly skilled in snoring and sleep apnea issues, and will work together to help ensure your treatment plan is as effective as possible.

Meet Samantha, Sleep Clinician

After three years of working in the chiropractic medical field in the Lower Mainland, my family relocated to Prince George and I wanted to continue my passion of seeing my patients transition into people that enjoyed a healthier and happier life. My position here at Snore MD was a very easy career choice. Nothing makes me happier than to see patients that are living in a world of tiredness, quickly enter into a world of feeling awake and contented. Their lives change the moment they use CPAP Therapy, and it is so fulfilling to watch.

My greatest accomplishment is without a doubt my three amazing children that make me so proud every day and my family who have been my biggest cheerleaders in life. However, I also think that relocating from London, England to Vancouver, Canada a close second!

Working with Snore MD has allowed me to continue my love of listening to my patients’ stories, understanding ways in which I can help and support them in their journey to good health with their CPAP Therapy, it really is amazing what good night’s sleep can bring!

Katrina Snore MD Walnut Grove Clinic

Meet Katrina, Clinical Coordinator

I embarked on a career devoted to sleep because, as a passionate advocate for fitness and well-being, I’ve come to realize the importance of quality sleep, often overshadowed in our conversations about recovery and overall wellness. I feel so grateful to contribute to people’s understanding of sleep apnea and guide them on their journey toward rejuvenating sleep.
With a background in retail management, I take immense pride in the positive impact I’ve had on many lives and consider it to be one of my greatest accomplishments. Now, I eagerly anticipate further cultivating my passion for authentic human connection within the healthcare realm. Each day, delivering top-tier service and witnessing the gratitude from those we help, truly is my favorite part of the patient experience.
Viraj Snore MD Walnut Grove Clinic

Meet Viraj, Sleep Clinician/Regional Manager

My passion for helping others led me to become a pharmacist. After nearly a decade in healthcare management, I decided to delve into my interest in sleep. Sleep has always fascinated me because it occupies about one-third of our lives and profoundly affects all organ systems. Despite its vital importance, sleep is frequently neglected in our daily lives. This career allows me to utilize my education and experience to enhance people’s health through improved sleep.

My greatest achievement to date has been moving across oceans alone to start a new life in Canada. I made Canada my home a decade ago and feel incredibly fortunate to have had this opportunity.

Helping patients brings me a profound sense of accomplishment. Listening to their concerns and solving problems one patient at a time provides me with immense motivation. What I love most is that each therapy allows me to address and resolve multiple underlying health issues for my patients.

100s Of Happy Patients

Helping The Walnut Grove Community

The Snore MD Clinic in Walnut Grove is unlike any other clinic specializing in the art of achieving a good nights’ sleep. We’re open six, sometimes seven, days a week so that you can make an appointment that works for your schedule. We’re even available for evening appointments if your daytime schedule tends to be a little hectic.

Something else that sets us apart from the rest of the sleep clinics out there is that we don’t believe in waitlists. In fact, we can often accommodate same-day appointments. Since the wellbeing of our clients’ is our top priority, we aim to provide fast and amazing customer service.

SnoreMD Premium Care

Canadians trust their sleep to Snore MD.

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Getting The Sleep You Need

Before you meet with our sleep solution team, you’ll be asked to complete a simple information form and perform an at-home sleep test for two consecutive nights. The results of this test will allow our team of clinicians to tailor a sleep treatment plan to your needs.

Once you’ve been assessed and a plan has been provided, the clinical coordinator will walk you through your treatment plan and help you get set up with any equipment you may require. Within a few days of walking into our clinic, you can be on your way to a more restful nights’ sleep.

Are you ready to rest well and enjoy better health and quality of life? Contact the Walnut Grove clinic today!

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Katja has years of experience working in different healthcare specialties but was attracted to the sleep apnea industry. As our Walnut Grove sleep clinic turns one year old, she explains why she chose a career at Snore MD.