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Welcome to Our Maple Ridge Sleep Clinic

Now is the time to solve your sleep issues, including snoring, sleep apnea and restless sleep. Snore MD’s Maple Ridge Sleep Apnea Clinic, located in the Westgate Centre in between Starbucks and the Westgate Animal Hospital, is helping build a healthier community, one good night’s sleep at a time.

Westgate Centre

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#620-20395 Lougheed Hwy
Maple Ridge BC
V2X 2P9
Clinic Hours Mon: 9am - 5pm
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Sat: 9am - 4pm
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Special Holiday Hours
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Sleep Clinic Team

We have brought together key medical professionals to treat out patients, including Respiratory Therapists and Registered Nurses who are skilled at solving sleep apnea and snoring issues. Our clinical coordinator is there to answer any of your questions and help with equipment for your sleep treatments.

Meet Lisa, Sleep Clinician

Sleep is interesting! Seriously, who can function without a great nights sleep – no one! Respiratory and heart health are so intertwined with our sleep. I love teaching patients how their sleep affects the respiratory system.

My family is the greatest accomplishment in my life by far. My daughter graduates this year, and my 14 year old will soon have his turn as well. Watching them grow into adulthood has been such a pleasure and joy to see.

A sleep specialist once said to me – there isn’t one system in our body that isn’t affected by a poor sleep, think about that for a moment. That is why helping people navigate sleep disordered breathing is so important.  I get the greatest reward seeing a patient start to feel 100% better with CPAP therapy. Just like our logo says: BETTER SLEEP. BETTER LIFE.

angela m snore md maple ridge clinic

Meet Angela M, Sleep Clinician

I chose a career in sleep as I wanted to help people improve their health so they can have energy to enjoy life! I have first hand experience with a family member starting CPAP after many years of saying they didn’t need it and being amazed at how much better they felt. I am happy to be a part of the journey, improving the quality of life for my patients.
Travelling the world with my family is a huge accomplishment of mine. as well as seeing it through my child’s eyes, just makes you appreciate it more.
Travelling the world with my family is a huge accomplishment of mine. as well as seeing it through my child’s eyes, just makes you appreciate it more.
I love getting to know our patients and working with them, as a team, to optimize their health.
alex snore md maple ridge clinic

Meet Alex, Clinical Coordinator

I have always struggled with sleep, I know how much it can affect you everyday so it motivated me to want to help others with their sleep struggles!
My biggest accomplishment has been raising my beautiful daughter.
I have worked in the medical field for the past 6 years and seeing the difference you can make in people’s lives is so rewarding.
olga snore md maple ridge clinic

Meet Olga, Clinical Coordinator

Sleep medicine is an intriguing field with long-term growth potential and the opportunity to positively impact the health of a huge population of patients. By working in a sleep clinic I can help with diagnosing and treating sleep disorders, directly improve patients’ health and quality of life, and the restoration of healthy sleep often allows patients to feel anew. I enjoy sleep and understand its importance to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and want to help those who suffer from an inadequate quality of sleep.
My two children and surviving motherhood are my greatest accomplishments. Combining those experiences with my medical background as a physician has allowed me a great deal of insight into the world of sleep medicine. I am even more excited to begin this new chapter in my life at Snore MD and look forward to expanding my understanding of the human body.
At Snore MD we work closely with family doctors and other health care providers — including nurse practitioners, physician assistants and naturopathic doctors. I have found ample opportunities to collaborate and help patients in a coordinated effort. These collaborations are always eye-opening and educational. Seeing their improvement in patients’ quality of life after trying CPAP has truly been a rewarding experience.
angela snore md clinic

Meet Angela, Sleep Clinician / Regional Manager

I have always wanted to help people, which drove me to become a Respiratory Therapist. I spent almost 8 years working in critical care when I decided to explore my interest in sleep. I have always found sleep interesting, as it widely affects all body systems and can cause extreme health implications without it. It is one of the most overlooked aspects in our lives and being chronically fatigued is something we shouldn’t cope with.

My biggest accomplishment to date has been the privilege I have had helping patients throughout my career. And of course my beautiful family.

I love being able to connect with patients during their appointments. We can learn so much just by listening.
Seeing a patient go from testing, being placed on CPAP then following along their journey and how their lives have changed always amazes me.

100s Of Happy Patients

Achieving Good Sleep Results In A Healthier Life

If you are experiencing sleep issues, don’t delay getting help—we’re right around the corner. Our Maple Ridge sleep clinic is open six, sometimes seven, days a week and we offer evening appointments. Snore MD believes that to build a healthier community, our doors need to be open. We provide same-day appointments and there is never a waitlist. Nothing should prevent you from getting treatment, which is why you can connect with us directly.

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Sleep Treatment And What To Expect

Come to our Maple Ridge sleep apnea clinic for help with your sleep issues. Start by completing a simple information form and get set up with an at-home sleep test for two nights. The results of this test will help our professional tailor a sleep treatment plan for you which may include CPAP Therapy (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). You can rest assured that you will receive quality care from our professional sleep clinicians.

Contact our Maple Ridge Sleep Apnea clinic and experience Care for Life!

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With 13 years of experience in respiratory therapy, Ramona is celebrating her 1-year anniversary with Snore MD Maple Ridge sleep clinic! So, we took 9 minutes and caught up with her over the phone.