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Be Kind to your Heart – It’s Heart Month!

31 January 2019 Categories: Better Sleep Tips Author: Matt Richmond

Medical Studies have shown CPAP Therapy can prevent heart damage caused by Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

This February in honour of Heart Awareness Month, Snore MD wants to help British Columbians protect their heart.

A recent Mayo clinic study showed patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea have up to 3X more likely to have significant cardiac events (such as heart attack or stroke) is the Obstructive Sleep Apnea was left untreated.

Sudden cardiac death is also more likely to strike untreated OSA sufferers during their sleeping hours, exactly the time of day when sudden cardiac death is least likely to hit people without sleep apnea.

During sleep, a person who does not suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, their heart rate and blood pressure normally slightly dip and climb as they move through the different stages of sleep. Patients who do suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, experience changes that are more dramatic. This is tied to the duration of apnea episodes instead of the natural sleep rhythm.

Years and years of this puts extra stress on the heart, causing the muscles of the heart to thicken and struggle to pump fresh blood throughout your body.

A person with sleep apnea’s blood oxygen levels can drop to less than 70 percent. Usually, these levels are at 95 to 100 percent. This drop-in oxygen level can cause a variety of negative effects on the cardiovascular system in the body. The more severe your sleep apnea, the lower your oxygen levels can go, the harder your heart has to work!

Fortunately, there is an easy, proven solution. CPAP therapy is proven to prevent these oxygen drops by maintaining normal breathing throughout the night. Not only will you be protecting your heart, but you will also have increased energy, better mood and an easier time maintaining or losing weight!

This February, protect your heart and get tested for Obstructive Sleep Apnea for Free at any Snore MD Sleep Apnea Clinic. With locations throughout Western Canada, open weekends and evenings, it has never been easier to get your best sleep ever!

About the author:

Michael Davis is Snore MD’s Director of Optimal Patient Care and community awareness. Driven by a passion for quality of everyday life, Michael became a Respiratory Therapist in 2009 with the goal of helping Canadians sleep better. With experience in critical care medicine, sleep medicine and pulmonary disorders, Michael leads a dream team to help thousands of Canadians to a Better Sleep – Better Life.

Matt Richmond

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