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This is the best thing that has ever happened to me – Snore MD Sleep Apnea Patient

22 November 2018 Categories: Our Dream Team Author: Matt Richmond

Katja has years of experience working in different healthcare specialties but was attracted to the sleep apnea industry. As our Walnut Grove sleep clinic turns one year old, she explains why she chose a career at Snore MD. 

Katja Stube is the Clinic Coordinator at Snore MD’s Walnut Grove location

What attracted you to Snore MD sleep clinics?

Just how different Snore MD is! It’s not about how many patients we see a week, or how many CPAP machines we move. Our focus is on providing patients who walk through our doors the best service we can, and getting them what they need – better sleep!

Our unique Care For Life program is really appreciated by our patients, and it is one of the main reasons I wanted to work here.

It’s been a great learning process, and there are excellent career opportunities! The management team are great mentors and are always approachable – so I like that a lot!

Who visits you at the Walnut Grove sleep clinic and what are their reasons for coming in?

We have lots of different people coming in, including younger people. For example, we recently had a dad come in and test moderate for sleep apnea (that’s 15-30 events in a night), and when he learnt that sleep apnea could be inherited, he became concerned. So he sent his 21-year old son to see us.

Other reasons spouses or family members encourage patients to see us include loud and disruptive snoring or concerns with their breathing patterns during sleep. Some people walk in here and say, “Hey, I have a friend who is a patient here and he said to come by and do a test,” which is pretty cool.

We also have lots of patients referred to us from doctors and dentists!

What do you enjoy about seeing your patients every day? 

You know the best thing is seeing the change in a patient! When we welcomed our first patients here in Walnut Grove, they were tired and fed up. Now we recognise them walking through the door a year later, and they are so happy! It’s very cool to see – I love it! 

What are some of the stories you hear from patients, and changes you see in them?

A story that stands out for me is one of our first patients here.

During his first visit, he fell asleep, right here in the clinic, while we were asking our initial sleep questions. He was heavily obese, had diabetes among other complications, and tested highly severe for sleep apnea (that’s over 30 events in a night!). He said, “I’m living in a fog, and I need to get out.”

Fast forward a year – he regularly comes in to pick up his free distilled water, we chat and laugh, and he says, “CPAP therapy is the best thing that has ever happened to me!”. He has lost a lot of weight, and he doesn’t feel that fog anymore. He loves coming back to us, and we love seeing him!

We make a difference in our patients’ lives. That’s why I do what I do!

Our Care For Life program supports patients from the first initial conversation through to free distilled water refills and regular appointments.

Matt Richmond

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