Welcome to our North Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Sleep. Everyone needs it. Not everyone gets enough of it. For many Canadians, it might seem like an unattainable goal to get a decent night’s rest.

Do you spend your nights tossing and turning in bed? Does your heavy snoring continually disrupt your partner’s slumber? If this sounds familiar, it’s possible you suffer from sleep apnea or other sleeping disorder.

If you suspect you suffer from this condition, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Nearly half of all Canadians have experienced the effects of a sleeping disorder at some point in their lifetime.

Thankfully, help is close at hand at our North Vancouver sleep clinic. Using proven techniques, our professional staff will help you identify potential barriers to sleep and then recommend snoring solutions that work with your lifestyle.

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Phone: 778.488.5346
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Clinic Hours
Monday - Friday: 10am to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 5pm

Sundays: Closed

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Serving the North Vancouver Community

Snore MD is one of the newest sleep apnea clinics in North Vancouver. Our modern facilities, highly trained staff and convenient scheduling options allow us to deliver effective sleep apnea solutions to everyday people like you.

For your convenience, our sleep clinics are open six, sometimes seven, days a week.

There’s no need to get a doctor’s referral, or add your name to a wait list. Simply call our office and we’ll book the next available appointment that works with your schedule. In many cases, we can arrange same-day consultations.


Feedback - 100s Of Happy Patients

The Sleep Clinic Team

From the moment you walk through the doors, you’ll feel welcomed at our North Vancouver sleep clinic. One of our clinical coordinators will be there to greet you, guide you through the treatment process and, of course, answer any questions you might have.

Throughout the course of your treatment, you’ll have an opportunity to work with an array of sleep specialists and medical professionals, including Respiratory Therapists and Registered Nurses.

Using our team’s diverse skillset and multifaceted approach, we provide comprehensive sleep apnea solutions that are specific to your needs.


Krysten Polsky, Sleep Clinician

I choose a career in sleep, because sleep impacts so many different aspects of our lives and is a cornerstone of well being.  Good quality sleep can have such a positive impact on our overall health and I enjoy being able to assist my patients with achieving this!

One of my biggest accomplishments thus far was moving across the country, far away from the only home I had ever known in Ontario, and moving to Western Canada to pursue a career in respiratory therapy.  Facing the unknown is always challenging and I was proud of myself for taking on such a large scale move with my miniature dachshund as my trusty sidekick!

My favourite thing about working in healthcare and with my patients, is seeing the difference good quality sleep has on their lives!  From increased energy levels to better moods, it's very rewarding to see the positive impact that improved sleep can provide patients who have struggled for so long.


Meet Cherry Tagudar, Clinical Coordinator

Sleep plays an essential role in our health and well being, not getting enough sleep can have a serious impact on our health, safety, and longevity. Getting a good night’s sleep can make us feel ready to take on the world! I choose a career in sleep because I wanted to improve the well being of people from all walks of life, and be a part of their journey towards better sleep and a better life.

My biggest accomplishment in life so far is reuniting with my husband here in Canada after years of living on a separate continents. Being able to start a new life in Canada means we can build and achieve all of our dreams, together.

As a nurse back home in the Philippines, being in the healthcare field for me has always been a calling as well as a privilege. It is hugely satisfying and rewarding when those in my care are satisfied with the service I deliver, especially when they say “Cherry, thank you. I appreciate your help.”.


Better Sleep Awaits

Better sleep starts with a visit to our North Vancouver clinic. To begin our step-by-step process, you’ll be asked to fill out a simple form so we can better understand what challenges you face regarding sleep. After that, you’ll return home to take a sleep test for two consecutive nights.

Our sleep specialists will then analyze the test results and then develop a treatment plan to address your individual needs.

Sleep apnea solutions take time, which is why our specialists will be there every step of the way, monitoring your progress and supporting you in any way possible.

If you’ve forgotten what a good night’s sleep feels like, call our sleep apnea clinic in North Vancouver today.