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Ash helps student sleep and study better using CPAP equipment!

6 November 2018 Categories: Our Dream Team Author: Matt Richmond

Ash is passionate about sleep and sleep medicine! And when he came to realise that many health problems can be prevented with sleep apnea treatment, he wanted to get involved and help those with untreated sleep apnea.

Why did you join Snore MD North Vancouver sleep clinic?

I joined Snore MD as a sleep clinician, as part of a Respiratory Therapy program that I went through, and the Snore MD University education gave me more specialized training to become one of their excellent clinicians.

For example, our service level means we follow up with patients continuously.  We are always monitoring them to make sure they are getting the correct sleep therapy. This is the best way for me to practice my passion!

What are the most common thoughts or comments patients walk into your store with?

Daytime fatigue is the most common comment. Others would include snoring, waking up their spouse/partner, and restless sleep.

Who is it that is coming into your sleep clinic?

Anywhere from university students to retired folks. There’s quite a range, it affects everyone. Usually, it affects people over the age of 40, but you could have a pregnant woman who is dealing with sleep issues, or a young student struggling to focus. There are different types and kinds of sleep problems, so anybody could be affected by sleep apnea.

Why do think patients are choosing to visit your store and not other sleep apnea clinics?

I think people like our clinics because they are very accessible and you don’t need an appointment to be able to talk to a Respiratory Therapist. We are the only sleep apnea clinic that accepts patients without a doctors referral, that means patients can come in and see a Respiratory Therapist without having to wait two weeks, and you can see a therapist every day if you needed to!

What is your biggest enjoyment in working with your patients?

It’s just how I see their lives change so quickly! It’s very rewarding to see that they have more energy and a better focus at work or school. Other patients have more energy to spend with their grandchildren.

Do you have any remarkable stories to share? 

I recently had a university student who was struggling to sleep. She was a part-time student with a part-time job, too exhausted to study. Three nights after using CPAP equipment, she called and said she was able to focus a lot better. For the first time, she was able to read things and remember them! After a couple of months, she emailed me to share her high-grade marks that she never thought she would achieve – it was the first time she was performing so well! A fantastic start to her better sleep journey!

Your daytime is affected by your sleep! Visit any Snore MD sleep apnea clinic to learn how your day-to-day life can be improved with better sleep.

Matt Richmond

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