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Welcome to Our Shawnessy Sleep Clinic

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep. But many of us aren’t getting one. If you spend your nights tossing and turning, being woken by your partner because you are snoring, or wake up feeling unrefreshed and groggy, it’s possible you suffer from sleep apnea or other sleeping disorder.

Let us help with your questions by giving you some answers. Our Calgary sleep clinic team of sleep experts welcome you and invite you visit our Calgary location. 

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Meet Our Dream Team

Do you think you may have sleep apnea? Maybe you aren’t sure why you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep. Rest assured, our Snore MD Shawnessey dream team is here to help with your sleep issues.

We welcome the opportunity to work with your family doctor or medical specialist to determine the best sleep treatment for you – one that is going to work and finally let you sleep well at night.

Our mission is simple – sleep well. Walk into our Calgary Shawnessey clinic or book a same-day appointment to speak to our clinic coordinator today.

Rani Snore MD Creekside Clinic

Meet Rani, Sleep Clinician / Regional Manager

I have chosen a career in sleep as there are millions of people suffering from sleep disorders that can harmfully affect their overall health. As a Sleep Technologist, I can play a role in the field of sleep that offers several interesting & exciting career options to help improve the quality of sleep health care.

My biggest accomplishment is my family. My lovely wife supports me all the time no matter what. I’m proud of having my daughter & son.

I try to advocate for my patients, inspire them and provide the quality of care I would want if I were in their place! 
Working as a Sleep Technologist  gives me the opportunity to make a positive impact on someone’s sleep & life.
Henry Snore MD Creekside Clinic

Meet Henry, Sleep Clinician

I chose a career in Sleep because it affects so many aspects of our lives and our health.  Not to mention that I love to sleep, myself.  Getting a proper night’s sleep is key to getting your day off on the right foot.  I like to drink my coffee for the enjoyment, not out of necessity.

My biggest accomplishment in life is my daughter.  I honestly can’t believe that I’ve been able to raise her to the beautiful girl she is now while keeping myself somewhat sane.
The thing I love most about working with patients is seeing their progression in their sleep journey.  Seeing them come to realize that things do get better and that you can get a good night’s sleep and this is what it’s supposed to feel like.  Once they get over that first hurdle, it’s just all about building momentum and keeping the good times rolling.
Ann Snore MD Shawnessy Clinic

Meet Ann, Clinical Coordinator

My interest in OSA started when a family member was diagnosed and my journey to learn about it and be knowledgeable. Learning how it affects not only that family members life but the lives of everyone around them. The journey to better sleep!

Throughout my life I have had the privilege of exploring and been successful in many fields such as medical, finance, retail and real estate. I’ve loved every opportunity I’ve had to work with customers, patients and clients.

I get the opportunity to share my real life experiences with OSA and all the knowledge I gained throughout my family’s journey to better sleep!

Sweet Dreamzzz !

100s Of Happy Patients

Serving South Calgary and the surrounding area, Shawnessy Sleep Clinic

Tired? You’re not alone. Many people are suffering through the night because of sleep issues and possibly sleep apnea. We can help.

Our South Calgary location – the Snore MD Shawnessy Sleep Clinic – is open six days a week, providing same-day appointments and walk-in services. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep and our dream team will help you get the treatment you need to achieve just that. If you want to start sleeping better and enjoy the best of life, come visit us at our Calgary/Shawnessy Sleep Clinic.

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Sleep Treatment And What To Expect

In just a few simple steps, we’ll be able to determine what your sleep issues may be and how we can help.

We’ll do a free in-clinic consult plus sleep screening to identify your current health risks – a few simple questions and a take-home sleep apnea test. Once we have your results and review them, our Snore MD team will compile a comprehensive report and plan to help address your sleep issues. We’ll also take the time to understand your insurance coverage, which is usually 80% or more! Now it’s time to set you up and get you familiar and comfortable using CPAP therapy in the comfort of your home.

Most patients recognize the benefits after using the CPAP for only a few nights. We’ll keep in contact with you regularly to support your success on CPAP. You’ll be sleeping like a baby knowing Snore MD’s legendary Care For Life support has you covered no matter what.