There’s a reason why 99% of patients recommend us.

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I got my life back! Finally have energy, don't feel tired all the time and I cannot say enough good things about the staff at Snore MD. Try it, it's worth every cent, for sure.

Jennifer H.

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“Such amazing staff and clinic! This team really knows how to take care of people. They were quick and friendly in my diagnosis and patient while I tried a variety of CPAP equipment out at home. They submitted all the paper work to for my extended medical coverage and made the whole process so easy. Not only do I fully recommend this clinic I urge anyone who snores or suspects they have sleep apnea to get tested. It is worth it for your health!”

Alice S.


“Fabulous staff. Treated amazingly well - quite possibly the best customer service I have had in many years. Previously I had tried so many different gimmicks...jawbands, mouthgards, breatherights, name it, I've tried it and nothing worked. After only one night on CPAP I feel more rested...huge difference, and most importantly my partner is much better rested. Said she didn't hear a peep. Definitely will lead to a happier home and a life more enjoyable.”

Mike N.


I highly recommend Snore MD. Not only are the staff very knowledgeable and professional, but they work very hard to give customers individual attention and don't stop until you are completely satisfied. I am sleeping so much better and have way more energy!!”

Shirley H.

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“My husband is one of those guys who has a hard time making changes for his benefit. Snore MD has been instrumental in getting him on track with his new machine. It was great having the benefit of "try before you buy" to ensure he was comfortable with it. I also like that the clinic keeps in touch with him to help with his success. Not only is he getting a better am I!”

Gloria M.

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“Since purchasing my CPAP with Snore MD I have definitely noticed the improvement in my night time sinus issues, my actual sleep time has increased, and my energy level is much higher.
I appreciate the personal monitoring and follow-up.”

Diana P.

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“Friendly helpful staff. I had no appointment, just a walk in and they accommodated and answered every question I had! I cant believe the improvement in energy and my partner is happy too! no more snoring!”

Para N.


“I am very impressed with the kindness and professionalism extended to me by the staff here at SnoreMD.I have been using CPAP therapy for 4 years and this visit has been the best encounter to date. I was in need of a new machine and they went out of their way to assist me. Customer service second to none. I returned to Canada after 20 years of nursing in the USA and I am so glad I found SnoreMD!”

Bev M.


“Thanks to all the "Dream Team" at SnoreMD. they helped with every little detail. I just moved to the area and I found them warm and the environment top of the line and inviting. I was welcomed and treated like family. They are setting a high standard in Medical Care. They were so efficient and walked me through the entire process. I feel fantastic. Thanks again to everyone.”



“I went to Snore MD because of a recommendation from a friend. Staff was so knowledgeable and friendly. I actually felt like they cared about my health concerns.I highly recommend them if you are looking for an honest company that ACTUALLY cares about your health.”

Joss T.

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“My family doctor referred me to Snore MD. The whole team there explained CPAP therapy in detail and fitted me with an appropriate mask for me. I had some difficulties adjusting to CPAP and want to thank Snore MD for their patience and support. They are a caring, professional team.

Heidi M.

Our friendly Snore MD dream team welcome walk-in patients 6-7 days a week!

Our friendly Snore MD dream team welcome walk-in patients 6-7 days a week!


No matter what your experience with sleep apnea, we are here to provide information and help solve sleep issues with our care for life commitment. Visit your local Snore MD sleep store to learn more.