The Summer Travel CPAP Checklist

As the warm weather continues in Western Canada, Snore MD compiled a list of travel tips and tricks to make sure you and your CPAP have the best vacation ever!

Traveling with CPAP is easier than ever with Snore MD CPAP devices that have the electrical capacity to work worldwide.

Before you and your CPAP hit the road, make sure you are equipped for a good night sleep.

Before You Travel with your CPAP:


✅ Empty humidifier

You should always have the water removed from the humidifier before traveling with the device.

✅ Extension Cord / Surge Protector

Your accommodation may not have a plugin close by your bed, make sure to bring an extension cord that has a surge protector built in so you don't miss a night of therapy! 

✅ CPAP Battery

If you aren't sure of the electricity situation where you are traveling, a CPAP battery from Snore MD can keep you breathing easy throughout the night. Learn more about the portable travel CPAP batteries at Snore MD by visiting one of our friendly locations; we have batteries in stock for ALL your CPAP therapy needs!

✅ Portable CPAP units

Want to save some room on your carry on? Need a purse-sized CPAP? Snore MD has the best selection of portable CPAP travel units providing lighter, smaller units that are perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle!
Ask about the discounted "Care For Life" travel CPAP prices exclusively at Snore MD clinics.

✅ Filters

Make sure to always pick up a spare set of CPAP filters from your local Snore MD in case your device operates in a dusty area.


During Your Travels:


✅ Carry On

Your CPAP machine should be taken on the plane as a medical device

✅ Distilled Water

To keep your CPAP spotless, make sure to carry a jug of distilled water with you on your road trip. If you are flying, most grocery stores and pharmacies carry distilled water for your therapy.

✅ Keep It Clean

Keeping your CPAP equipment clean is critical to getting the full benefits of therapy. The exclusive Snore MD MINI cleaner is a battery operated cleaning unit that will keep you and your device as healthy no matter where the road takes you!

✅ Travel Wipes

To keep your mask and therapy unit free of dust and dirt, Snore MD sells travel CPAP wipes, a small packet of CPAP alcohol-free wipes, that will keep your mask spotless and comfortable every night! A ten pack of cleaning wipes are on sale for a limited time for only $1.00 at your nearest friendly Snore MD sleep apnea clinic.