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Walk Right In, Vancouver: Snore MD Opens Broadway Sleep Apnea Clinic

14 November 2019 Categories: Our Dream Team Author: Matt Richmond
Snore MD Broadway-Vancouver sleep clinician Nicki Harnett is a registered respiratory therapist and has a particular interest in sleep apnea cases.

Have you ever woken on the SkyTrain to the sound of your snoring or found yourself suffering from headaches and drowsiness at work? If the hustle and bustle of living and working near downtown Vancouver isn’t enough to wake you from your haze, you may be experiencing the sleep disorder known as obstructed sleep apnea (OSA). Don’t despair. Snore MD is here. We are excited to open our Broadway-Vancouver sleep clinic, and help all Vancouverites attain a “better sleep, better life.”

Accessible off West Broadway

At Snore MD, we believe all patients have the right to accessible health care. That’s why our new walk-in location isn’t on the ninth floor of some office tower, but at street level on West Broadway.

Our one-stop storefront location helps you check off one of the essential items on your list: a good night’s sleep. Located near Broadway-City Hall SkyTrain station and Vancouver General Hospital, our clinic is not only convenient for who those who work and live in the Mount Pleasant-Fairview area but for those attending appointments at the hospital or doctor’s offices in the area.

Walk-ins Welcome!

We offer the expertise, products, and all the support you need to attain restful sleep. That’s why our clinic is open Saturday’s to help residents, business people, as well as those visiting their doctor access the best in sleep care. While you do not need an appointment to see one of our sleep experts, we welcome doctor referrals. Doctors can access our patient referral forms online or contact our clinic to find out more.

 Our hours allow you to visit us after work or after your medical appointment. Not only are we open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, but we are also open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Three Easy Steps to a Better Sleep 

Whether you are visiting with a doctor’s referral or not, your first step is to walk through our doors and meet with our sleep experts for a free consult.

After an initial screening to identify current health risks and to better assess your sleep issues, we send you home with our free two-day sleep test.

Once completed, we check the results and find the right therapy, the most common of which is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP therapy.

Our clinician will provide information and allow you to try out the many CPAP masks and machines that Snore MD carries.

Meet our Vancouver Broadway Clinician – RRT Nicole “Nicki” Harnett

A Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT), Nicki joined the Snore MD family after graduating from the Respiratory Program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and completing her one-year practicum at Foothills Hospital in Calgary.

Knowledgeable on how sleep disorders such as OSA can affect breathing and the cardio-pulmonary system, and cause several health risks, Nicki conducted a personal study on sleep apnea after graduating and attending Snore MD University, which all of our clinicians go through.

“I became interested in OSA as my father-in-law had it, and I started learning more about it from there. When I got into the field, I tested my father and discovered he also had it,” she says. “Through Snore MD University, I learned all the bases of what sleep apnea is and how to treat it with the different types of CPAP that we carry. It’s an extensive program that offers numerous case studies, and how best to treat them.”

Snore MD’s Care for Life Program

What makes Snore MD different from all the other sleep clinics is our Care for Life support program. Our treatment does not stop after you’re fitted with a CPAP machine and mask. We offer ongoing care with follow-up appointments, progress reports, health insurance and warranty coordination, distilled water refills, and much more.

Nicki says: “We are dedicated to helping our patients have a good sleep. That’s our priority. We are involved from start to finish to educate what sleep apnea is, what it looks like, offer education, and what the treatment is doing while you’re sleeping, with follow-up care.

If you’re feeling tired or not getting a refreshing sleep, we’re here to help you even if you don’t think you fit that mold. We work with each patient to find out what works best for them and their sleep apnea.”

Want to learn more? Walk into our Broadway-Vancouver Snore MD clinic at 541 West Broadway next to London Drugs (parking is available on 8th next to Whole Foods) or call 604-670-9990 to book your free appointment.

About the author:

Kristin Froneman has more than 25 years as a writer, reporter and photographer. Her work has appeared in national publications, including Maclean’s.
Kristin helps readers to digest up-to-date obstructed sleep apnea news through researching and integrating trusted medical studies and their findings. 

Matt Richmond

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