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Shaz Shares Snoring Solutions That Help You And Your Partner

27 August 2018 Categories: Our Dream Team Author: Matt Richmond

Shaz, a Clinic Coordinator at our Panorama/Surrey sleep clinic, has worked in the healthcare industry for eight years. During her time working with family doctors and specialists, many patients were referred to sleep clinics. This sparked her interest in sleep apnea and insomnia. Fuelled by her love of sleep, she went on to learn about sleep hygiene and the impact it has on how we function during the day.

We asked Shaz to give us some insight into her day-to-day life as part of the Snore MD family.

Shaz enjoys being apart of patients journeys to better sleep and health.

What attracted you to join Snore MD Panorama/Surrey sleep clinic?

I’ve always known in my healthcare career that I’ve wanted to get into specialty. A good night’s sleep is crucial for the mind, body, soul and overall health and well being of an individual – so what better specialty to get into other than sleep?

I’m especially impressed with the Amazing Customer Experience (ACE) Snore MD strives for and provides as well as the Care for Life program; ensuring each patient is taken care of at ease and indefinitely.

What are some of your common complaints a new patient walks in with?

Majority of our complaints are from spouses, “My partner snores and I’m losing sleep because of it!” or, “My partner and I no longer share the same bed because I keep them up at night with my snoring and it’s taking a toll on our relationship, help!” 

A lot of people come in inquiring about our services and are often pleased to hear they can get tested on the spot, without a doctor’s referral!

Who do you get to help in the community you work in?

We get a range of people coming in. I would say the majority of the people we see are young. Usually males, but we get our fair share of females as well, between 30-45, I’d say. We’ve had patients as young as 20 and seniors over 75! 

What sets the Snore MD Panorama/Surrey sleep clinic apart from other competitors?

I feel like our clinic is very welcoming! I believe a simple “Hello” with a smile can go a long way. We greet and acknowledge everyone with the same respect and friendliness as we would when we welcome our friends and family into our own homes. 

Our patients are our priority, we ensure they are heard and understood and have a positive encounter with every experience with us as well as have confidence in the care we are providing them!

What’s the greatest reward you get with working with Snore MD patients?

I most enjoy developing personal relationships with patients and being a part of their journey to a better night’s sleep, helping their overall health because of it.

It’s rewarding when patients are initially sceptical but after a couple of nights on CPAP notice the benefits of therapy (whether they tested mild, moderate or severe). Better sleep, more energy, etc. 

We’ve had patients come in saying a friend or a family member has bragged about how great they feel since being on CPAP and wanting to try to treat their own symptoms even if they tested negative for sleep apnea!

Do you have any remarkable stories to share? 

Many! One that specifically makes my heart smile is feedback from a patient’s wife.

She stated CPAP has made such a remarkable change in not only her sleep from not having to listen to her husband snore all night, but a wonderful change in his quality of sleep, his attitude and overall health!

She said aside from the physical aspect of the benefits of CPAP, she is affected emotionally as she is now not so afraid of losing her husband early in life to a heart-related death from his sleep apnea!

We opened our doors in March 2018, and have helped hundreds of patients address their sleep issues. There is no question too big or too small, pop in today and say Hi!

Matt Richmond

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