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Sleep Tips

Are you sleeping on the latest health information? Explore Snore MD’s library of sleep tricks and tips.

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Better Sleep Tips

Sleeping For Success

The amount of sleep you require depends on not only your age but your lifestyle. Our experts have put together some great tips for a successful sleep routine. As we grow and change, our need for sleep changes as well. Newborn babies require anywhere from 14-17 hours of sleep per night, while fully grown adults […]

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Better Sleep Tips

Beat The Heat

What is a good night’s sleep, and why do we need it? Did you know that getting a good night of sleep is one of the most important things we do every day, and not getting that good night of sleep can become dangerous for yourself and others around you? Studies conducted by the CDC […]

Better Sleep Tips

Poor Sleep Is Ruining Your Sex Life!

Does less sleep mean less sex? Research shows how your quality of sleep can affect your sex drive.

Better Sleep Tips

Sleep and Cannabis – 10 Facts You Should Know

Thinking of escaping to Cannabis dream sleep? There is a lot more to the relationship then you might think…

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Better Sleep Tips

Sleep Well This Easter Holiday With These Tips (You’ll Appreciate 6 & 10)

This April, Snore MD is helping you have a healthier Easter by…

Better Sleep Tips

Keeping you (and your CPAP therapy) healthy and bacteria free

Over 3-6 months of usage, CPAP masks and tubing become covered in a bacteria film or growth that can damage your lungs and increase your risk for recurrent lung infections.

Better Sleep Tips

Spring Cleaning Your CPAP Equipment

Spring is finally in the air across Canada, and in the spirit of the season, we’re sharing some spring cleaning tips for your CPAP machine, mask and accessories.

Better Sleep Tips

7 Steps to a Healthy Heart!

February is Heart Awareness Month and the Dream Team at Snore MD has gathered seven steps to help you and your loved one keep your heart healthy!

Better Sleep Tips

This Valentine’s Day, Sleep Better Together!

In honour of Valentine’s Day, the Dream Team at Snore MD has built a list of facts about sharing the bed with your partner.

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