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New Year, New Sleep

22 December 2022 Categories: Better Health Author: Katrina Stubbs
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Sleep helps with almost any other resolution, such as weight loss, increased exercise, increased motivation.

Why Make A Sleep Resolution In The New Year?

Sleep is one of the most important things that we do every day. It can have an impact on almost every aspect of our lives. Who would not want to set goals to improve this underestimated tool we all possess — the ability to get a great sleep?

In addition, sleep helps with almost any other resolution that one can set for themselves, such as weight loss, increased exercise, or increased motivation. Not to mention that it helps stabilize our moods and boost our overall emotional well-being. 

Here are our top five resolutions to promote better sleep…

1. Plan For Quiet Time Each Night Before Bed

With all the hustle and bustle of our everyday life, our bodies need time to unwind and relax. Allowing our minds and bodies to gradually slow as the evening progresses will make for a happier and healthier sleep. Instead of watching the evening news or something that can cause us to feel stressed, perhaps consider picking up a good book and the enjoyment of reading.

2. Enjoy More Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities can help us sleep in many different ways. First, it allows our bodies to produce various things such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, all of which assist in relaxing and calming our bodies. In turn, assisting us with getting a better night’s sleep helps keep our circadian rhythm balanced. The extra physical activity also helps to exhaust our systems allowing us to fall asleep easier due to the drain on our energy and feeling of tiredness. Finally, allowing ourselves to partake in outdoor activities will enable us to relax and remove stressors from our day by enjoying our beautiful surroundings.

3. Remove Electronics Such As Phones and Laptops From Your Sleep Routine

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Blue light emitted from your electronic devices will alter your sleep patterns.

Ensuring that you are leaving your electronics out of your evening sleep routine will help to improve your overall sleep quality. The impact on your sleep caused by the blue light emitted from these devices is undeniable. It can assist in altering your circadian rhythm – otherwise known as your 24-hour internal clock. Eliminating the use of these devices near the onset of sleep will help regulate your circadian rhythm and provide you with the best opportunity for a good night of sleep.

4. Practice Good Sleep Hygiene and Promote Regular Sleep Times

The average adult requires 7-9 hours of sleep a night, and the best way of obtaining this is to maintain healthy sleep habits such as setting a consistent sleep schedule. Getting the much-needed rest that our bodies require helps with daytime energy levels, concentration, and mood. Not allowing our bodies to get the quantity and the quality of sleep we need sets us on a path leading to “sleep debt,” which can become very difficult to recover from over time. In addition, poor sleep can lead to increased risks of many health concerns that can impact your immune system, heart, and various other aspects of your health.

5. Be Proactive and Lean on Experts With Any Sleep Issues

Be your own advocate for your health and ensure that you are taking steps to promote better health for yourself. For example, if you notice ongoing and consistent concerns regarding your sleep health and nothing you do to help it seems to work, then take the needed measures to reach out to a healthcare professional and ensure that you are getting the assistance you need. You know your body better than anyone else, and you can help make the change that your body may need.

How To Keep Your Sleep Resolutions 

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By getting a better sleep, you will have the energy to stay on track with your resolutions.

The best way to keep any resolution or goal is to ensure that you set yourself up for success by using “SMART” goals. It simply means that you want to use Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound objectives. Using these tools while setting your goals will help you to achieve success.

The SMART goal tool can be used in many different aspects of your life but is invaluable when setting yourself a resolution. 

Have questions or looking for more sleep advice? Visit your nearest sleep clinic to set your sleep goals with one of our experts, today!

Katrina Stubbs Sleep Clinician
Katrina Stubbs

Katrina Stubbs is a Regional Manager and Sleep Clinician at Snore MD and brings over 15 years of experience in the medical field. She prides herself in providing exceptional patient care and education, not only to her patients but to the entire team at Snore MD.

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