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CPAP Cleaning 101 – A Guide to Your Fall Overhaul

1 September 2023 Categories: Better Health Author: Katrina Stubbs
Cleaning your CPAP
To ensure that your CPAP equipment is functioning at its best and that you are getting the cleanest air possible, we must have a regular cleaning schedule.


Fall is quickly approaching, and we are all starting to transition from long hot days and a brutal fire season to cooler days and nights and no more smoke in the air. Unfortunately, we have spent the past few months breathing in the tiny particles floating in the air, which has affected CPAP users and the equipment they use nightly. To ensure that your CPAP equipment is functioning at its best and that you are getting the cleanest air possible, we must maintain a regular cleaning regiment and replace various accessories on a regular schedule—what better time to do this than during fall cleanup. Read on to find out how you can do this, or visit our website and see our simple how-to videos

CPAP Maintenance (Weekly) And Replacement (3-5 Years)

Regular cleaning and maintenance of our CPAP’s will ensure that we provide ourselves with the best possible health outcomes. Use a damp cloth to wipe down you during your CPAP for a regular weekly cleaning routine. Sleep experts recommend that you replace your CPAP unit every 3-5 years, and most extended health benefit plans commonly reimburse the majority of the cost incurred. In addition to providing our clients with ongoing education and care, we also extend unmatched offers such as the $400 trade-in discount to assist CPAP users with obtaining the latest and greatest in CPAP systems. Finally, remember your dream team at Snore MD is only a call or text away to help answer any questions you may have.

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Your CPAP needs to be cleaned using a damp cloth to wipe it down during your regular weekly cleaning routine.


Mask Maintenance (Weekly) And Replacement (Every 6 Months)

Your CPAP should follow regular cleaning and replacement schedules whether you wear a full face, nasal, or pillow mask. Using a mild soap, all of the cushions on your machine should have a daily wash and water bath. Regular cleaning of the cushion will help remove the natural oils and debris deposited nightly with use. CPAP users should also implement a weekly routine for the whole mask interface (headgear, frame, hose). Like the daily cleaning of the cushion, the remainder of the mask should be washed weekly with mild soap and water and allowed to air dry. 

Even though we may not visibly notice it, our masks slowly start to break down with use and begin to absorb bacteria. The damaged material makes it more challenging to maintain clean, healthy equipment with just your regular cleaning. The recommendation is to replace the cushion every three months and the mask in full every six months. Again, Snore MD has stepped up and made this process even more accessible than ever with their amazing Trade-in Trade-up $100 off mask resupply offer. Reach out to your local Snore MD, and they will help facilitate things through your benefits plan and connect you with their legendary Care For Life Program that provides you with ongoing care and free distilled water. 

Accessories Maintenance (Weekly) And Replacement (Every 6-12 Months)

Your weekly cleaning routine should include all of the CPAP accessories. Including your heated tubing, standard tubing, and humidifier chamber, which like your mask, should be washed with mild soap and water and then left to air dry.

Over time, all CPAP supplies require replacement due to the gradual deterioration of the plastics, creating a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mold that can cause an increased risk of sinus and lung infections and various other health concerns. Therefore, we encourage replacing both your tubing and humidifier chamber every 6-12 months to set you up for the best outcomes with your CPAP therapy.

CPAP filters should be cleaned and replaced as per the manufacturer’s recommendations and the filter type. CPAP users are encouraged to check their manuals or consult with your local Snore MD dream team, and they will be happy to guide you through the proper procedures for cleaning and replacing your specific filter system.

For your safety and convenience, Snore MD now offers a “Subscribe and Save” model, where you can subscribe for your CPAP gear to be replaced every 3 – 12 months at 25% OFF! This offer includes free delivery to your doorstep, and, what’s more, your insurance has you covered!  


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Katrina Stubbs Sleep Clinician
Katrina Stubbs

Katrina Stubbs is a Regional Manager and Sleep Clinician at Snore MD and brings over 15 years of experience in the medical field. She prides herself in providing exceptional patient care and education, not only to her patients but to the entire team at Snore MD.

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