Initial Consultation

At your initial no-charge appointment, your sleep clinician will explain what snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is. They will cover the most common causes of severe snoring and sleep apnea, and explain common treatments such as CPAP therapy. They will also cover the serious health risks that are associated with these sleep disorders.


Sleep Screening

During this appointment, you and your Snore MD sleep clinician will discuss various sleep disorders as well as cover how Snore MD tests for sleep breathing disorders in the comfort of your own home and bed. The level III sleep screening is a device you will take home and wear for a few nights while it measures your breathing and sleeping quality. This painless and FREE test can be performed any 2 nights of the week! 


Doctor Assessment

Every sleep screening performed can be interpreted by a local BC Sleep Doctor who will diagnose your results and prescribe the preferred treatment for your results.

This doctor sleep screening assessment is offered at no cost to you!


CPAP Evaluation  

Upon returning the sleep test, you and your Snore MD sleep clinician will review the sleep screening results right then and there. Based on the results of this screening your Snore MD sleep clinician may recommend evaluating a CPAP machine for one week. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost anything to try the CPAP machine for a week and will give you and your sleep clinician a range of data to make a clinical decision on what is best for your health. Not to mention, say goodbye to your snoring!!


Insurance Coordination  

Snore MD team members are experts on all thing's insurance and extended health.  Have questions about your insurance coverage? Not sure what you are covered for? A Snore MD team member can walk you through every step of the way, and we can usually confirm coverage at the time of your visit!


Care For Life

Let Snore MD guide your CPAP journey with our unbeatable Care for Life Program:
• Ongoing remote monitoring and troubleshooting of your CPAP.
• No charge follow up and care calls.
• Priority booking for all therapy appointments.
• Coordination of insurance reimbursement and financing.
• Communication with your entire care team on your therapy progress.


Extended Warranty

Snore MD offers an exclusive extended warranty bundle, with CPAP coverage that lasts 5 years! This unique package ensures you and your equipment is taken care of to the max!

Learn more about Snore MD's extended warranty bundle here.



Snore MD is proud to offer world-class finance plans for every budget, that make our life-saving equipment affordable and easy to own!


CPAP Trade-In

Have an older CPAP unit? Want to upgrade to the quietest, smallest CPAP units in the world? Snore MD offers an incredible $400 CPAP unit trade-in promotion (limited time) on the latest and most amazing CPAP units, including the Resmed AIRMINI travel CPAP unit and Philips DreamStation GO travel CPAP.


CPAP Check Up and Servicing

Been on CPAP for a few years? Not sure if the CPAP therapy is working the way it should? During a free CPAP check-up an appointment at Snore MD you and your sleep clinician will review all of your CPAP equipment and therapy data. We will review best practice tips to get the most out of your CPAP and make sure that your CPAP equipment is working to help you have your best sleep ever.

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