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Our Story

We’re changing lives –
one amazing patient experience at a time 

Co-founders Daniel Boughton and Kevin Jardine first met 15 years ago while receiving the Queens Jubilee Medal of Honour for community service and philanthropic work. The two became friends and discovered their shared passion for business and making the world a better place. Their dedication to accomplishing this goal is seen through their decades of work improving the lives of the kids they serve in an orphanage in Haiti. 

Both sleep apnea sufferers themselves, the two began a mission to help fellow Canadian Sleep Apnea sufferers live happier/healthier lives... and Snore MD was born! They were joined by Michael Davis, the creator of Snore MDs legendary "Care for Life" patient support program, and Matt Richmond, the designer of the technology that ensures every patient receives amazing care and support for years to come.

Kevin explains that the entire Snore MD Team exemplifies the same incredible passion for providing the highest level of patient care that the company was founded on, “It’s our amazing DREAM TEAM that makes the difference. We pride ourselves on the exceptional patient experience and quality of care we consistently deliver to our 1000s of happy patients.”

Michael adds, “We are excited to be surrounded by such an incredible team and to share the common goal of healing and support. Everyone at Snore MD is committed to the overall wellbeing of our communities, starting with something we all deserve… A GREAT NIGHT’S SLEEP.”