This April, Snore MD is helping you have a healthier Easter...

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Just when you thought all the holiday’s and corresponding high calorie food was behind you, Easter (with it’s delicious chocolates and family meals) presents a challenge for all of us to not only eat healthy, but get the quality sleep your body deserves!

Snore MD compiled a few tips from our friends at Weight Watchers to help you watch that waistline this Easter season:

  1. Mini eggs and chocolate bunnies are going to be there. We know this, so plan ahead by saving calories throughout the day, eat smaller portions of your regular meals to help create a small calorie deficit allowing for a treat or two!

  2. Aim for individual packaged treats and jelly bean packs, to help keep your total consumption lower It may be hard, but try and avoid that 1-pound solid chocolate bunny. No matter how cute he is!

  3. Don’t sit down to Easter dinner on an empty stomach! It may be challenging, but snacking on veggies and fruits ahead of time will prevent a overeating situation that will not only make you feel tired, but impact your sleep stages

  4. Get out and find those eggs! Spring has sprung in BC, so get out there with your family and make an easter egg hunt not just in your home, but throughout your neighbourhood!

  5. Share those treats! If you do get a bag of candy that tempts you, the word to remember is Share, Share, Share! Bring to your workplace to share with your colleagues, or donate unopened non perishable food to the local food bank!

  6. Ask the Easter Bunny (if that is your partner) for non food related items. Focus less on the sweets and treats, more on thoughtful gifts, such as flower arrangement or spring orchid!

  7. After that Easter dinner, organize a family walk! It will not only help burn off some of those Turkey calories, but help your body digest and relax before bed time.

Eating healthy over holiday’s can be a challenge, but with some planning and a focus on family and activities, you can avoid that dreaded food hangover and poor sleep!

At Snore MD, we are on a mission to help British Columbian’s live a healthier life through better sleep, healthier lifestyle choices and caring for the entire human body. If you have questions about your sleep, or how Snore MD can help you or your loved one’s live a better life, please stop into one of friendly 12 clinic’s across BC.

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This April, Snore MD is helping you have a healthier Easter...