A Sleep Apnea Diagnosis In The Family Inspires Amanda To Join Snore MD

When there was a sleep apnea diagnosis in Amanda’s family, she decided to focus her healthcare career in the sleep industry and joined Snore MD Abbotsford in September 2017 as Clinic Coordinator. Today, she genuinely feels accomplished at the end of each working day as she reflects on the improvements she sees in her patients.




What attracted you to join the Snore MD Abbotsford sleep clinic?

My parents were diagnosed with sleep apnea right when the clinic was opening, so ever since I saw their sleep clinic sign in Abbotsford, I wanted to know more. I read up on the company’s values and thought they would be great to work for, so I kept bugging them until they hired me! 


What are some of your common complaints a new patient walks in with?

The initial complaint is usually snoring related. A spouse will complain “You’re waking me up in the middle of the night, and I can’t handle it,” or “It scares me because you stop breathing.” They see our location sign “Snore MD” and it triggers them to come in. 


Who do you get to help in the community you work in?

The demographic is between 20 and late 70’s, so quite a wide range. And usually, we see more 40+ than 40 under.


What sets the Snore MD Abbotsford sleep clinic apart from other competitors?

Patients that read up about us online find really good testimonials. Our patient pathway of service is really different from other sleep apnea companies. A lot of other companies don’t offer something called the Care For Life–which literally means caring for patients for life. Snore MD is the only company that I know of that offers that service.

Regardless of whether a patient comes in and spends money or not, we treat everyone the same. Everyone is added to our Care For Life plan which includes follow-ups; booking free appointments; CPAP checks. We try to go the extra mile here, and I think that’s why patients choose and stay with us.


What's the greatest reward you get with working with Snore MD patients?

Actually, it’s seeing what they’re like just a week after therapy. We have patients that are referred to us that we can tell just do not want to be here. Unfortunately, they start off miserable and upset, not really sure why they are here. Then when we see a patient a week or two after they’ve been on CPAP therapy, using their machine and being compliant, and they’re just a different person! They smile and comment, “I got a full nights sleep last night!”

Being a part of something that changes a persons life has always been really rewarding for me. When I lock up at night, I definitely feel accomplished. I love my job in healthcare, I try to build a report with every patient by remembering their faces and back stories to make it more personable. It’s a nice feeling!


Do you have any remarkable stories to share? 

Yeh, actually! One story shared amongst the team is of a patient who had tested very mild for sleep apnea, but she had insomnia and hadn’t slept for more than two hours in the last 12 years! We were a little sceptical because sometimes in these cases it is just insomnia, plain and simple. So we weren’t sure whether CPAP therapy was going to help–the equipment can be troublesome for some people.

This patient lives about an hour away from the clinic, and a few days after starting the therapy she called and proclaimed, “I slept for 7 hours last night! And I haven’t done that in 12 years. I could drive over there and kiss you!”. She was so happy and has since recommended people from her neighbourhood to make the trip out to Abbotsford to see us! That’s really cool.

When we follow-up with her every couple of months now she is still in disbelief she didn’t do sleep therapy sooner. It’s amazing to be a part of her story and hear her feedback. Definitely my favourite story since being here.


If you're unsure about sleep apnea, have questions or need reassurance, visit our Abbotsford Snore MD clinic! Our staff will happily advise you on suitable solutions, from changing your habits at home to sleep therapy options.

A Sleep Apnea Diagnosis In The Family Inspires Amanda To Join Snore MD