Snore MD Langley: Rav Shares Her Mom's Sleep Apnea Story

Rav has been at the Snore MD Langley sleep apnea clinic since the store opened in 2016, and brought with her experience and knowledge from working in the local hospital’s respiratory department. We caught up with her to find out about her experience at Snore MD and how it has impacted her family!

Rav is the Respiratory Therapist at the Snore MD Langley location

Rav is the Respiratory Therapist at the Snore MD Langley location

What attracted you to join Snore MD Langley Sleep Clinic?

I started working in the hospital straight after graduation, and I’ve always had an interest in doing something outside of it; something that would give me more growth. It was a colleague and old school-friend of mine who told me about a new up-and-coming company, Snore MD Sleep Apnea Clinics. So, not knowing much about it, I met with Mike (an owner), and he shared some great ideas. I thought, why not? Brand-new company and the potential for lots of growth - it was the right direction for me.


What are some of your common complaints a new patient walks in with?

The major complaint is from the spouses. They will be grocery shopping across the street, and come in to ask, “What do you guys do?” and explain, “My husband/wife snores.” A lot of the other sleep clinics are all about referrals – they are hidden in medical buildings; they are not storefront locations, so the public doesn’t see them. Our Snore MD Langley storefront catches your eye and we are easily accessible, so we mostly get spouses walking in the door.

Other than that, the people will come in and say “I haven’t had a decent sleep in the last 20 years, what can you do to help me?!”


Who do you get to help in the community you work in?

I would say it’s a range. But we mostly see males between the ages of 40 – 60 years old. We see a mix between professionals who work 40+ hours a week and have a hard time getting quality sleep, and retirees who realise “I’ve worked for the last 45 years, and it’s time they take of myself.” The retirees will come in and say, “I haven’t worked in the last five years and thought I would finally give a shot” or “I now have the time to see what this is all about.”


What sets Snore MD sleep apnea clinics apart from other competitors?

I feel like our clinics are very approachable, people see us from just driving by or hear about us from friends and family. Even if we get people who don’t become patients, the first thing that comes out of their mouths is “Thank you for your time.”; “I’m going to be sure to recommend you to my friends because you guys have been really good to me.”

During my time at Snore MD I’ve heard a lot of people say “Your sleep clinic looks a lot different, just looks more inviting,” or “I didn’t know I could walk-in, I always thought I would have to go to my doctors,” and it’s a long process to go through the doctor’s office first and then get a referral.

Patients comment on how comfortable they feel at the Snore MD Langley sleep clinic.

Patients comment on how comfortable they feel at the Snore MD Langley sleep clinic.

We’ve had patients come in who have been on CPAP therapy for the last 5 – 10 years, and we will ask “Do you use distilled water?” Their response is shock—they have missed out on lots of education around sleep apnea and sleep equipment. We don’t have to sell a patient anything, the fact that they know we are here for them anytime they need in the future, and that all our staff are educated with great training, really makes a difference.


What's the greatest reward you get with working with Snore MD patients?

People saying that they didn’t know that they could feel the way they do! It’s great to see when people think it’s just a gimmick and say “Ah, well, I’ll give it a shot.” But two days later, someone who has a very severe case of sleep apnea will feel a drastic change and cannot believe that they can sleep through the night. We hear comments like, “I haven’t felt like this since I was 20 years old,” or “I forgot what it was like to sleep in.” Nowadays, there are just so many distractions. Everyone has a TV in their rooms; everyone has social media, so they are staring at electronic devices before they go to bed. Of course, that sleep hygiene is contributing to having a worse sleep. Just learning what sleep really is and how important it is to your life. It’s seeing that change in patients.

About a month ago I had a patient come in for his one-year follow-up and resupply. I reminded him that I was the one to help him the previous year and told him that I could see the difference, his skin was glowing and he didn't have the dark eyes anymore. He said, “That’s really nice to hear because, yeah, I haven’t felt like this in a very, very long time!” Right! So, it’s things like that—we all have hard days at work, but having patients come in and physically seeing the changes is very rewarding. We start our day with good sleep and end the day going to bed. Sleep is a big part of our lives!


Do you have any remarkable stories to share?

My mom, actually! I got my mom on CPAP therapy. She suffers from hypertension and diabetes, and her health is declining as she gets older. Over the last couple of years, her snoring has become more of an issue. I started noticing that my dad was going on the couch a lot, he wasn’t able to sleep and waking up at 5 am every day to go to work. So last year I thought “Why haven’t I done this earlier!” So, I said, “Mom, I’m going to get you tested.” I took the sleep test home, and of course, she tested positive for sleep apnea so I got her started on CPAP therapy, and it has been a world of difference.

She’s getting a full night’s sleep, whereas before she was waking up four times to go to the bathroom in the night. And my dad hasn’t left the bedroom since. They are sleeping in the same bed again. My dad jokes, “You saved our marriage!”

We hear stories from our patients but to hear it from my mom and dad is great!

A lot of the times patients are scared or nervous to go onto CPAP and will ask us, “Do you have sleep apnea?” I explain that I don’t but that my mom does, and I share some stories and work through it with them. It gives the patient more comfort.


Whether you need resupply or simply want to know more about sleep apnea, visit a Snore MD sleep clinic and share your story with our team. We know how the lack of a good night's sleep affects you, and we want to help you achieve better sleep—today!

Snore MD Langley: Rav Shares Her Mom's Sleep Apnea Story