5 Sleep Resolutions You Will Want To Keep!


2019 Is Here!

Every January, British Columbians make new commitments to a healthier, happier life. At Snore MD we are keeping the commitment to help everyone get a better sleep - better life!

We lovingly compiled our 5 New Year’s sleep resolutions you’ll want to keep to get your best sleep possible!

  1. Turn off those screens!

    Whether it is that final facebook scroll or one last episode of your favourite show, studies show screen time from TV’s, smart phones, and tablets reduce melatonin, which reduces your ability have deep (“REM”) sleep that your body needs! Listen to a podcast, read a old fashioned paperback, or take up a relaxing hobby like yoga. Avoiding screen’s 1-2 hours before bedtime is shown to improve your sleep quality immediately! Who doesn’t want a better sleep after only one night!

  2. Set the (sleep) stage

    Think of your bedroom as a stage, and every prop must work to have the best performance. Replace your old pillows with high quality hypo-allergenic pillows geared towards a restful sleep. If your mattress is more than a few years old, consider replacing it. Ensure your room is as dark as possible.

  3. Avoid caffeine and alcohol

    Avoiding coffee and tea before bed can help prevent those late sleepiness nights, as caffeine may cause your brain to stay “wired” or awake, even if your body is relaxed and comfortable. Alcohol works in an even worse way, sedating your body but preventing it from cycling through the necessary sleep stages.

  4. Keep it scheduled

    At Snore MD we practice what we preach. Medical sleep studies show the more consistent your bedtime is, the better your brain functions during the day. Make it a 2019 goal to set a bedtime, and stick to it 6 out of 7 days a week. It could be as simple as: cellphone off at 8 pm, in bed by 9:30 pm.

  5. Seek help for your sleep troubles

    If you or a loved one is having trouble falling asleep; staying asleep; or not waking up with the energy you want, make 2019 the year you solve these problems! Step one is simple: Snore MD clinics are open 6-7 days a week and offer no charge sleep testing and consultations!

The entire Snore MD family wishes you luck in achieving all your 2019 resolutions! If you would like help sleeping better, with more daytime energy, visit any one of our convenient 12 locations!

About the author:

Michael Davis is Snore MD's Director of Optimal Patient Care and community awareness. Driven by a passion for quality of everyday life, Michael became a Respiratory Therapist in 2009 with the goal of helping Canadians sleep better. With experience in critical care medicine, sleep medicine and pulmonary disorders, Michael leads a team of 15 skilled Sleep Clinicians and Respiratory Therapists to help thousands of British Columbians Sleep Better - Live Better.

5 Sleep Resolutions You Will Want To Keep!