Sunday Morning Catch Up May Not Be Enough

Main plans for the weekend to catch up on sleep? Turns out, that may not be enough!

A recent study released out of Southern California showed if you slept more then 2 additional hours on a weekend (often referred to as Sleep Debt) you are more likely to suffer from poor cardiovascular health. Despite different lifestyles, the results are show that a stable sleep pattern leads to a healthier heart!

Whats the real lesson here?? High-quality consistent sleep is the best medicine.  

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About the author:

Michael Davis is Snore MD's Director of Optimal Patient Care and community awareness. Driven by a passion for quality of everyday life, Michael became a Respiratory Therapist in 2009 with the goal of helping Canadians sleep better. With experience in critical care medicine, sleep medicine and pulmonary disorders, Michael leads a team of 15 skilled Sleep Clinicians and Respiratory Therapists to help thousands of British Columbians Sleep Better - Live Better. 

Sunday Morning Catch Up May Not Be Enough