Life Expectancy Calculator

While death (and taxes) are inevitable, your quality of life is within your control. We all understand the benefits of living a long healthy life, and the last years of your life should be full of experiences and moments, not doctor’s appointments and hospital stays. At Snore MD, our whole body focus, and expertise ensuring you get the best sleep possible will help you live a longer, fuller life!

Three factors you can control that are the biggest influencers in a healthy life:

  1. Healthy Diet

  2. Exercise

  3. Quality Sleep

At Snore MD, quality sleep is at the core of our care. From sleep apnea to snoring, our treatments and technologies help you and your loved ones get the rest you deserve! If you our your loved ones aren’t getting the high quality sleep everyone deserves, stop into one of our friendly Snore MD locations throughout Western Canada for a free home sleep test.

Snore MD can deliver the restful sleep and daytime energy you'll love. Be healthier, happier and more energized in 3 easy steps. Even more, it's easy to get started! Just walk into one of our easy to find clinics, open 6 days a week! You can be rest assured, knowing the Dream Team at Snore MD will be with you every step of the way.

Ground breaking research out of the University of Connecticut tabulating thousand’s of patient files have enabled a predicted healthy life calculator anyone can use! This calculator measures something called “Healthy Life Expectancy” or the amount of years that you will enjoy in a relatively healthy and carefree manner.

We know that the quality of sleep affects our health; physically, mentally, and emotionally—did you also know that it affects how long we live?

So the question is, how many healthy years of life do you have ahead before you become unhealthy? Complete the calculator below to find out!

Feel free to call or stop by any of the our sleep clinics with your sleep questions!