Insurance Coverage

CPAP therapy and related CPAP equipment are usually covered by work benefits, sometimes called β€œThird Party Insurance.” These may include:

These are some of the common work benefits, but there are many other insurance companies in Canada.

In order to receive coverage for CPAP therapy, you will often have to submit an insurance claim form, a receipt showing payment of CPAP equipment to Snore MD, as well as a prescription showing sleep testing and a positive result of sleep apnea.

It may be a good idea to call your insurance company ahead of time to ensure you understand the extent of your benefits. Some of the questions you could ask your insurance provider are:

  • What is the dollar amount for CPAP equipment that insurance pays?
  • How often can I get a new CPAP machine?
  • How often can I get a new CPAP equipment (mask and accessories, such as tubing and filters) (usually every 6 months)