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Good Morning Sunshine: Gibsons Sleep Clinic Provides Sleep Apnea Solutions

13 March 2019 Categories: Our Dream Team Author: Matt Richmond
Visit Gibsons Snore MD sleep apnea clinic, in Gibsons Park Plaza, to learn more about getting a better quality sleep.

Residents on the Sunshine Coast enjoy a certain peacefulness living along beautiful and serene West Coast of BC. Despite the quiet, some people just can’t get a good night’s sleep no matter what they try. If you, or your partner, wake up at all hours of the night or shake the roof rafters from snoring, it’s possible you could be experiencing a sleep disorder. That’s where Snore MD can help. The BC-based sleep clinic company has opened its latest location in Gibsons.

A Better Sleep, Better Life for Sunshine Coast Residents

Before Snore MD opened its newest sleep clinic, Sunshine Coast residents had to travel to Snore MD’s North Vancouver locations at Pemberton Plaza to be tested for snoring and sleep apnea. Now, instead of having to embark a ferry, residents can walk into to the Snore MD clinic in the Gibsons Park Plaza next to the Gibsons Medical building.

“We are happy to provide Sunshine Coast residents with the opportunity to help them have a better quality of life and better quality of sleep. We hope to increase awareness about sleep disorders while improving the quality of life for all people on the Sunshine Coast,” says Michael Davis, Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) and Director of Sales and Operations for Snore MD Sleep Apnea Clinics.

Providing Gibsons with Accessible Health Care Solutions

Sunshine Coast residents now have access to sleep and snoring solutions provided by local sleep therapists that are not available anywhere else.

A community-based company, Snore MD’s respiratory therapists work in places where they live. Instead of a 30-story building in downtown Vancouver, Snore MD’s sleep apnea and snore clinics are situated in storefront locations in towns such as Gibsons that didn’t have an accessible form of sleep care before.

Walk-in patients are welcome to ask questions, look at products, and try a free at-home sleep test.

You do not need to have a doctor’s referral or even an appointment to walk through the doors. Like all Snore MD clinics, the Gibsons’ location is open six-to-seven days a week and during evening hours to make it more convenient for all clients. Its accessible space encourages people to learn about all of Snore MD’s services and products in an open atmosphere.

Snore MD University

All Snore MD team members go through a vetted online university program that Snore MD built to ensure that each patient receives the highest level of care when they walk into the clinic.

Following the Pathway to Compliance

All it takes is three steps to a better night’s sleep.

After a client walks through the doors at the Gibsons’ clinic, they will be met by either a registered nurse or respiratory therapist who will guide them through a complimentary sleep test to try and pinpoint where their sleep issues lie as well as provide education on sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

Next, they will be sent home with a comfortable-to-wear device that measures their sleep for two nights. Upon their return, they will be presented options to help them sleep better. This includes continuous positive airway pressure equipment (CPAP) therapy, which uses CPAP equipment to provide a flow of air for breathing to stay normal and help with a better sleep through the night. Snore MD clinicians also provide something called sleep hygiene, which provides lifestyle and sleep tips so that people get the best sleep possible.

Care for Life

Embodied in everything Snore MD does, our Care for Life slogan means that all clients receives long-term support, even after their sleep therapy is completed.

Once you become a valued client, Snore MD will send a newsletter to you every week with medical updates and tips on how to get best sleep possible.

Snore MD is with you every step of the way.

Are you ready to take that first step? Snore MD Gibsons sleep clinic is now open to help Sunshine Coast residents find the best possible sleep solutions. Find us at  #209-1100 Sunshine Coast Highway or call 1-833-766-7363 to find a sleep store near you. 

Matt Richmond

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