Welcome to our Gibsons Sleep Clinic

It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning if you haven’t had a proper nights’ sleep, and that can affect our daily activities and relationships. Unfortunately, nearly half of all Canadians experience mornings like these every day.

From irritability to the inability to concentrate, a lack of restful sleep can result in an array of symptoms.

If you find that you spend your nights snoring your partner into the next room or pulling up the sheets as you toss and turn, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder known as sleep apnea.

Fortunately, the Gibsons sleep clinic is ready to help. If you – and your partner – are ready for better sleep, our highly trained sleep experts will help you both get the rest you deserve.

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Gibsons Park Plaza 
(Next to Gibsons Medical Clinic)

#209 1100 Sunshine Coast Hwy
Gibsons BC
V0N 1V7

Phone: 604.900.9497
Fax: 604.900.9497

Clinic Hours
Monday & Tuesday: 10am - 5pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 10am - 6pm
Friday: 10am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 4pm
Sunday: Closed

Walk-ins Always Welcome!



We’re Here to Help the Gibsons Community

Open six – sometimes seven – days a week, our Snore MD clinic in Gibsons is open to provide residents with successful sleep and snoring solutions.

We also offer convenient office hours to ensure you get the support you need, even if that means scheduling an evening appointment.

Unlike other specialist clinics, we do not require a doctor’s referral, and we won’t place you on a waitlist when you call in the first time. To better serve the community, we’ll even do our best to accommodate same-day appointments and walk-ins.

Our number one priority is helping you achieve a great nights’ sleep, and we do this by making ourselves available to you when you need it the most.

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Sleep Clinic Team

The first time you walk through the Gibsons Snore MD sleep clinic, our Clinic Coordinator will welcome you and answer any questions you may have. From there, you’ll work with Registered Nurses and Respiratory Therapists who possess the skills and knowledge to help solve your sleep-related issues.


Meet Louise Andersen, Sleep Clinician

I've had sleep issues since I was born, and it was not until I moved to Canada from Denmark that I started to have a normal sleep rhythm. Going through so many years without quality sleep got me very interested in sleep; how it impacts humans and how we can improve sleep for individuals. As a Nurse, I have an interest in the human body and how everything is connected. Lack of good quality sleep affects not only the body, but also the mental health of a person. I see it as a great privilege to be a part of patients journey into better sleep.

My biggest accomplishment in life was moving across the globe from Denmark to Canada with my husband. I had never been to Canada before so moving here was a leap of faith. We only planned to stay for two years, but fell in love with the Canadian culture and decided to apply for permanent residency. We love Canada and The Sunshine Coast, and are now planning to stay for life.

I love to work with people, there’s nothing like being a part of a persons journey to better health. It’s always been a natural drive for me to help and listen to others. The connections I have experienced with patients are beyond anything I have experienced in my work life before, and that’s why I love my work as much as I do!

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Meet Arlene Morrow, Clinic Coordinator

I wanted to work with sleep because I know those who have had their lives changed simply by getting enough sleep. I wanted to learn more about it because I believe it is far more prevalent than claimed, and is at the bottom of our cultural lack of care for ourselves and others, and our consumption of unnecessaries.

My biggest accomplishment was to be worthy of the care and love I have received over the years. I tried hard, and I find I am pretty proud of the me who is in here looking out.

There are all kinds of people out there. I enjoy people. I enjoy the energy of in-person encounters, and I like to build long-term relationships with my clients. Every one is different, and yet we're all the same.


Better Sleep Awaits

If you’ve been dreaming of getting a full nights’ sleep, our Gibsons sleep clinic can make your dream a reality.

During your first visit, you’ll be asked to fill out a simple intake form. It will only take a few minutes. Once completed, you’ll be given a sleep test to take home with you. The test is typically conducted over two consecutive nights, and it’ll help our sleep solution experts understand your sleep health. Once the test is complete, your results will be analyzed and shared with you. Together, we will build a treatment plan designed specifically for your sleep needs.

Once your treatment commences, you’ll be supported every night along the way until you achieve your best sleep yet. Our goal is to improve your life through long-term sleep solutions.

Are you ready for the best sleep of your life? Contact our Gibsons sleep clinic today.