Welcome to our Fort St. John Sleep Clinic

A good night’s sleep improves every aspect of life—clarity of thinking, mood, energy and the ability to enjoy the day. If you’ve been experiencing fitful sleeping and you’ve tried everything, it might not be just snoring or stress that’s causing you to lose sleep. You may be one of thousands of people in BC alone who suffer from sleep apnea.

Fortunately, our sleep specialists are here to diagnose and get you the best sleep equipment for proven results. With our Fort St. John sleep clinic on your side, the joys of better sleep are just around the corner.

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Helping Fort St. John Residents Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Every day at Snore MD, our sleep specialists help people get to the bottom of the sleep challenges that so affect quality of life. Our work is incredibly rewarding because we bring you access to the latest sleep solutions and a model of exceptional care from consultation all the way through to your ongoing, long-term care.  

Your journey to a better sleep begins with a free consultation at our sleep clinic in Fort St. John and free use of sleep test equipment that you take home for two nights to help use diagnose your unique sleep disorder. At Snore MD, you don’t need a doctor’s referral and you won’t have to put your name on a waitlist.  

We look forward to serving you at every stage of your sleep journey. That’s why we also offer an ongoing patient care program for regular check-ins long after you get your diagnosis and sleep therapy products.

Our Fort St. John patients appreciate that our sleep clinic offers a convenient location and hours, including appointments in the evening.

Please feel welcome to walk in so our clinical coordinator can get you started or reach out to book your complementary sleep test consultation.

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Feedback - 100s Of Happy Patients


Our Dream Team

At Snore MD, we live for sleep success stories!

Our team of sleep specialists and medical professionals are trained to diagnose sleep disorders and help patients use the latest sleep apnea equipment—and we’re committed to providing exceptional care at every step.

Registered Nurses and Respiratory Therapists help provide expert insight and care as we support you to discover your better sleep solutions.

Our Fort St. John clinical coordinator is introduces you to the process at our sleep clinic and guides you along the way.


You’re So Close to a Better Sleep

After all those restless nights, your best sleep is only three steps away!

Your free consultation and screening helps your team determine the cause of your sleep disorder. As part of your consultation, we’ll send you home with a device that measures sleep-related data over the course of two nights so your team can determine your most effective treatment. 

Throughout the process, we’ll keep in touch and ensure you enjoy optimum sleep with the most advanced Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy available to people suffering from sleep apnea.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could continue to enjoy better sleep and quality of life long-term? Our Care for Life Premium Support Program lets us support you with ongoing snoring and sleep apnea solutions. 

Are you ready for better sleep and a better life? Stop by our Fort St. John sleep clinic or contact us today!