What if there were a sleep apnea treatment your patients would stick with?

At Snore MD, our mission is to give patients with sleep apnea the rest, health and quality of life they deserve for years to come. We believe in outcome-based healthcare, creating lasting solutions you and your patients can trust. And, with after-hours and weekend appointments, we’re here for your patients to ensure they get the help they need.

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Proven Results, Care for Life

When you’ve got a patient with sleep apnea problems and you want to ensure they find a treatment with proven complacency and results as well as ongoing lifetime support, turn to the sleep apnea experts at Snore MD.

With a referral from you, we can assess your patient’s needs, set them up with the appropriate equipment, and ensure they receive a tailored treatment plan as well as support to follow it.

97% Greater Patient Compliance*

After six months, 88 per cent of Snore MD patients are still using their prescribed devices and following their customized treatment plans*. This far surpasses the industry standard of only 45 per cent**. These fantastic results are due to our ‘Care For Life’ approach. Once a patient signs on with us, we ensure their care is continuously monitored.

Patients are more compliant with customized treatment plans.

Patients are more compliant with customized treatment plans.

The Snore MD Process

When you refer your patients to us, they’ll be able to come into one of our locations and meet with a Respiratory Therapist, answer a few questions, and then head home for an in-depth sleep test with a Level Three Sleep Test device. After the test has been completed, they come back into the clinic and receive the answers they need to sleep better within five minutes. Some of the answers they’ll receive include:

  • The quality of sleep they’ve been having

  • Their risk profile for sleep apnea

  • Reasons why their sleep quality has diminished

We also monitor our patients’ sleep health progress using their prescribed CPAP machine as each device is equipped with cellular technology.

Continuous monitoring means we can help patients sleep better, sooner.

Continuous monitoring means we can help patients sleep better, sooner.

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We’re Just a Referral Away

As a physician, we know how important preventative, outcome-based care is to you.

We know that men between 40 - 70 years old with a severe (AHI) are 68% more likely to develop coronary heart disease^, and people with untreated sleep apnea are 3.5 times more likely to get in a motor vehicle accident^^.

By giving your patients the highest standard of care, convenient access to a team of sleep apnea experts and proven solutions, Snore MD does so much more than give people a good night’s rest.

Simply fill out our online referral form, hand it to your patient, and leave the rest to us.

Many Convenient Locations Near you

Still have questions? Reach out to your local Snore MD clinic. We’d love to help get your patients started in the journey to a better night's’ sleep.


* In accordance with Snore MD data

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^ “Sleep apnea linked to heart disease” National Sleep Foundation. 1 November 2017

^^ Komada, Yoko et al. “Short sleep duration, sleep disorders, and traffic accidents” IATSS Research. Science Direct. 1 July 2013